Calhoun County

As someone who grew up in Altha, I wanted to put all the information for Calhoun County residents into one Central location. Photos, companies to contact for insurance claim repairs, FEMA information, and open places and where to find supplies.

I’ve been depending on Facebook to get all of the updates on my home-county, but if you manage to get internet access, you can’t spend all that time surfing and trying to find up to date info that you need. So, here it all is, organized and as up to date as a country girl living in Orlando can give you.

This is not a COMPLETE list and I’ll update the time anytime I make a change or add to…so you know how up to date the info is. I’m one person so…bare with me, I’m going to do the best I can.

Need to check on someone? Call the Sheriff’s Department at their temp number 850-643-7143

Donation center and needs

Open locations:

  • Ramsey Cash Savers 6am – 6pm (cash and debit)
  • Blountstown Advance Auto Parts 8am – 5pm (cash)
  • Blountstown Dollar General 11:30am – 4pm
  • TA Travel in Marianna (cash)
  • South Trust mobile unit in front of Walmart
  • O’Reilly’s in Marianna
  • Blountstown Hospital – but anyone needing to be admitted will have to go to another hospital
  • Chipley Walmart (cash and card)
  • Blountstown Drugs 9am – 2pm
  • Tractor Supply in Blountstown (cash/check/card)
  • Quickpick (cash)
  • Rocky’s in Perry has all fuels except premium and ethanol-free

Supply locations


  • HOT MEALS being served at the corner of HWY 20 and 71 in Blountstown (as of Friday eve)
  • HOT MEALS will be served at 16659 SW Mimosa Street Behind Burger King, food for 250 people, served by Lisa O’Bryan. Also have some diapers, wipes, and dog food
  • Magnolia Square Park is distributing food and water
  • Sam Atkins Park is distributing food and water
  • Altha Town Hall is distributing supplies
  • Altha Community Church is distributing supplies
  • Kinard Volunteer Fire Department


  • Blountstown High School is open as a shelter and has food and water
  • Mossy Pond Library
  • Community Center in Wakulla County is open as a shelter


Service Providers

Resource links

Donate directly to Calhoun County

Other donations


75% of power/electric system compromised; 4000 power poles need to be replaced
Kathy Stewart said at last night’s military briefing, medical crews can start to arrive via the airport
Rick Scott’s office has been slow to work with the county about getting the State to cover debris removal


Homeowners: You must go through your insurance company first, FEMA comes in behind your insurance for further possible assistance.

You must register, by calling 1-800-621-3362

If you lost income because you can’t go to work: Call FEMA 1-800-621-3362 and ask if you can register for disaster unemployment.

If your vehicle flooded out in the storm: You’ll need to have liability coverage on your vehicle at the time of the disaster, your title and registration for FEMA, call 1-800-621-3362

If you have full coverage you must file with your insurance company first.

If your area was under mandatory evacuation: Call FEMA and register. You may be eligible for up to 2 months of rental assistance at the fair market value of your car.

If you have bills you are behind on or if you have bills coming due, you can call them. Most companies may consider pushing back due dates and some may even credit.


Last Updated: 10/13/2018 2:03pm ET