Boon Cog Water Gears Helped So Much With Bath Time

Let’s start this story in the summer of 2019…us with a 2 year old, living with my parents in the panhandle (me unemployed and my husband on disability) after selling our Orlando home….

Bathing Zayden was a chore. He screamed. He cried. I cried. I screamed. I bathed him while he stood. OMG, it was miserable to think when he needed to bathe. I dreaded it.

Fast forward to our new home in Woodstock, GA. A new bathroom, a new-to-us bathtub, and a soon-to-be 3 year old. Bath time has completely shifted gears.

Ha – get it – gears?!

Ok, but seriously. Zayden loves bathtime now. So much so that I have to set a timer so that we can attempt to get him out before his whole body wrinkled up into full-on old man status.

Part of why this kiddo loves bathtime now comes from a new toy he received from his Godfather and family, the Boon Cog Gears. While this item had been on our Amazon wishlist for quite some time, some one finally bought it! A gift that they thought was small has become big for us.

Those gears have turned into anything from a car wash to sink/float experiments. Nevermind the actual function of sunctioning to the wall near each other to become actual working gears.

Definitely recommend purchasing this for your toddler. He/she will love bath time and the ability to play engineer.

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