Flying Solo for the First Time: Birthday in the Air

Embrace the madnessThis is such an amazing quote from the book “Girl, Wash Your Face”, the book comforting me as I sit between two strangers in a tightly packed, choppy Southwest flight from Orlando to Atlanta. I’m traveling for my first time completely alone, that is, if you don’t count then many other people on this place that I have never met before in my life. Not only that, I’m doing so on my 34th birthday.I awoke this morning to the sound of my phone alarm in one of our favorite Orlando hotels, warm from the shared, comfortable, very large bed shared with my husband and 2 year old son. I snuck too the bathroom quietly to shower, dress, and do final packing before kissing my loves before walking out the door.I’ve flown before without my family, but never alone. I’m that strange person that has never stopped foot on an airplane until meeting my husband in 2012. However, in 2013, I joined a company that asked me to travel for work periodically, letting me see tons of new places for the first time. However, never completely alone. And I’ve always been a nervous flyer. However, I’ve found now that flying alone actually makes you stronger. I find that I’m not needing to hold a hand, because I don’t have one to hold. Sometimes we need to be alone in order to be reminded how strong and leave we really are.“She was meant to fly”

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