What would you do with 1.6 billion dollars?

Well, it’s Friday and I’m finally coming out of the ridiculous haze of disappointment if not winning the biggest Mega Millions jackpot of all time…

Apparently, a single winning ticket was purchased in South Carolina. Pardon my French, but… Lucky Bastard!!

For a week, I, along with probably tons of others, dreamed of what we would do with such a huge pay out…(like 900 million single payment after taxes).

Of course I’d take care of my family, first. All of our debts would be paid… Student loans, get Mike a truck fully paid for, put away a ton for Zayden, a new bigger house somewhere, credit debt, and anything else.

Then, the rest of the family… New houses, a vacation home for us all to come together easily, cars, assistance for my elderly parents so they would never have to worry about driving to another Dr appointment again, pay off any of their debts, too. And, lastly, for all the kids in the family…a million each put into a trust with them getting access after they turn 18.

Next, The compound…

I have dreamed for years of building my own community in which my family and friends could all live near each other and share separate AND community living spaces. Like, someone could watch all the kids, or we could all have a huge meal together, watch big TV shows, or just chill in our individual homes. It would be GREAT!!

I started thinking it might also be an idea to put it into some kind of bio-dome. To protect it from things like:

  • Nuclear war
  • Zombie apocalypse
  • Global warming
  • The complete depletion of the ozone later
  • Etc…

And put it somewhere like Utah where you’re typically safe from hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunami. Not to mention, a beautiful mountainous view!


With such a big amount of money, almost anything you spend would seem like a drop in the bucket, so give to others! I’d take care of my non profit Guardians of Justice and finally grow it out nationally with professional help that we’d be able to easily afford. A lot of national and local organizations would come next… Child and adult diagnoses.

Lastly, I’d take care of where I came from…

My home county, as well as most of the Florida panhandle, took a major hit groom category 4 Hurricane Michael. Homes are destroyed, lives are forever altered. I want to save them, I want to fix it. With that kind of money, I could have. I could have built Calhoun County Florida back and I would have done it for the better. I wanted to put in new low-income (but luxury) housing apartments and subdivisions. So many people are displaced, I wanted to roll in time of temporary housing so people wouldn’t have to live in tents. Also I wanted to pay for what people needed to fix their still-livable homes and what they’d need to finally get electricity on. So many people seem to be having to pay for some like of pole or something before they get power, while the rest of the street they live on is already receiving it. So.Many.Things.

I still wish I would have been the winner. I bought tickets all up and down I-75 while visiting Atlanta, in hopes of increasing my chances. Too damn bad I never made it to South Carolina.

All I can say… Is that God knew what I was going to do with that money and didn’t see for to Grant it to me. So, I hope the person that he did give it to will do good things and take care of people, like I would have.

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