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Caring For Myself For Once

For the past many months, but honestly years, I haven’t put myself first. Until losing my job recently, I lived on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis, even with my husband – who mostly can only afford his own bills and his student loans. It has been hard, so I typically won’t go get haircuts or pay for babysitters (not that we really have any on call lol). I dye my own hair (however, I’ve always done this – I hate paying people for something incredibly temporary – yes, permanent is still temporary – hair grows or color fades). I tweeze my own eyebrows and my bridesmaid painted my finger nails for my wedding. So, I think it’s easy to say, that I don’t really PAMPER myself like a majority of other women. However, let me say this – I do buy and drink a lot of wine, take a good number of bathes after my baby is asleep, and do an occasional face mask. So, I’m not ridiculous…right?

Anyways, Tonight…I treated myself. The husband was home on the mend and I took the kiddos to Little Monsters to play with a bunch of kiddos for Kids Night Out (I work on the website for this company and you should check it out). I literally walked out from dropping off Z and went 2 doors down for almost 2 hours getting a manicure and pedicure. I literally would have paid the price to have just sat there in the massage chair for 1.5 hours.

I have painted toes and fingers. I also got to spend some time off my own, not caring about anyone else because everyone was all safe and secure. It’s so hard to cut yourself away, these days when you have so many things that are under your control (ha – what mom REALLY has control – not to mention – WIFE?). I did, however, go conservative with my polish color. I am, looking for a job, after all. I think that I want to make getting a pedicure (not to mention – getting the calf massage and exfoliation) maybe a monthly thing. Maybe I can get a gang of moms that want to put their child into Little Monsters Kids Night Out and join me for a pedi. However – I’m totally fine if I’m alone.

OH! I will be bringing headphones next time! I didn’t care for two different tv shows being on (one of which being NEWS – ugh and this Kavanagh stuff is all that was talked about).


I messed up a finger nail while buckling Z into his car seat.


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